Why To Ask Why?

Maybe one of the most asked questions in a person’s lifetime is “Why?”.

When a person asks that question and receives a subsequent answer, that person can delve further into the matter and ask another “Why?” question to reach a point whereby all his/her queries are answered.

The reason behind the world’s technological advancements is “Why?”. Without asking this question, scientists would not have taken initiatives into finding out more information about the world.

Asking the question “Why?” is easy; however, finding the right answer to such a question may be very frustrating. The person answering such a question must make sure to answer critically and explicitly.

When aiming for excellence, it is essential to ask “Why?” five times. The 5 Whys qualitative approach to root-cause analysis helps a person understand the main reason(s) behind failure. Nevertheless, arriving to the root cause might necessitate asking “Why?” more than or less than five times. What is most important is that a person reaches the source behind failure; no matter how many “Why?”s being asked.