Waking Up on the “Right” Side of the Bed

Most people usually force themselves out of bed to go to work. They’re so sleepy to the extent that they cannot actually remember how they drove themselves to the office. All this is due to the improper habits that they adopt in the morning. Fortunately, these habits can be changed, and if repeated regularly, they can make a person feel better, look better, and have more self-confidence.

Most people attribute their bad morning habits with the fact that they are not “morning” people. However, this is just an excuse that they create in order to shun their improper habits.

The solution to such habits is very simple:

  • Find out how much time it takes to fall asleep.
  • Go to bed early enough to accommodate for the first step written above.
  • Set the alarm.
  • Wake up when the alarm rings.
  • Do not press the snooze button!

After waking up, there are a series of steps one can follow in order to carry out a relaxing, refreshing, and energetic morning:

  • Exercise before going to work. One can simply go through a small workout, take a jog, ride a bike, or do some yoga. No matter what the workout is, it is best if exercise is done with another person; especially in the morning!
  • Sit quietly and meditate: think, listen, reflect, or pray.
  • Have a nice and slow breakfast at home; not in the car or at the office.

Some entrepreneurs easily run themselves to the point that they realize they have missed out on a lot of important issues going on in their lives.

Life is too short to keep running, so one must always make some ‘me’ time and enjoy the wonders of life!