Taking in Negative Feedback

Do you normally accept negative feedback?

Some people don’t accept it. They enter a state of denial. Thousands of thoughts run through their minds when receiving negative feedback; thinking of several occurrences and counter examples that might justify their actions. When alone, they reflect back on the feedback they have received, and they embarrassingly wonder if what had been said is true or not.

There are five steps that you can adopt to help yourself better accept negative feedback:

1)      If you are taking the feedback personally, reset your personal-professional boundaries.

2)      If you are reacting defensively, stop for a minute and find out the reason that is making you feel insecure and scared.

3)      Reconnect, re-prioritize, and redistribute the tasks that have to be reworked.

4)      Think before you speak, and learn from the criticism you are receiving.

5)      Create a list of actions that you could have performed in a different way, assess every option, and apply the best alternative.