Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Price $195
Start Date January 17, 2014 09:00 (UTC +2)
End Date January 17, 2014 16:30 (UTC +2)
City Awkar
Type Inclass

Program Description

In today’s world, to be an effective and inspirational leader you need to understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence. Apart from a high degree of I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient), managers need to understand how their emotions impact their performance and how they can manage and understand the emotions of others, in order to get maximum performance levels.


  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Understanding Yourself & Emotional Intelligence
  • Why Do We Need Emotional Intelligence?
  • Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
  • Future Learning
  • Emotional Intelligence - Assessment & Action Plan
  • Putting Learning Into Practice


Multi-cultured, multi-lingual, and knowledgeable professional with many years of experience in business and academia.

Target Audience

Any manager, supervisor, or team leader interested in enhancing one’s level of self-awareness and of how one handles oneself and interacts with others.


  • To understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • To increase your understanding of different aspects of human behavior
  • To understand how to manage your own emotional reactions to achieve desired results
  • To learn how to increase your ability to communicate and motivate others, based on understanding their emotions
  • To gain awareness of how to increase morale and inspire high performance
  • To learn to deal with daily work and personal pressures more productively
  • To be aware of how to demonstrate empathy in most situations
  • To be able to build strong, open, and honest relationships
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