Five Signs to Getting Out of Business

Sometimes people wonder: why are we incapable of achieving success? Some believe that they are doing everything possible to perfect their goals. However, there are five simple signs that these people must overcome in order to reach success.

1)      The inability to complete a certain task before initiating a new one.

No matter the abundance of resources some entrepreneurs might have, they just are not able to finish the tasks that they have initiated. They cannot focus and finish what they have started. This might be a result of fear that the final product must be better than what these entrepreneurs can reach. They also might worry that once the final product is accomplished, there is no going back and conducting changes. Seth Godin believes that entrepreneurs must complete their projects because “[i]f you miss deadlines and are always late, in the end, you’ll have little to show for yourself” (Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?).

2)      Micro-managing everything.

A common mistake that most entrepreneurs fall for is not delegating tasks to other employees. These entrepreneurs are usually unsuccessful because they do not trust that anyone else in the corporation is capable of completing the job as well as they can. This is an unsustainable business philosophy because if one aims to become a true leader, he/she must learn how to trust and believe in others. People thrive on moral support, so it is a must to not make them feel incompetent and useless.

3)      Believing that one is always right.

Some entrepreneurs refuse to admit that they have made a mistake. However, people learn from their mistakes. One cannot climb up the ladder without having fallen down on the ground several times. Mistakes are learning opportunities, so entrepreneurs must acknowledge the mistakes and adopt them as stepping stones to success.

4)      Asking questions and not paying attention to the answers.

People who usually ask questions and do not pay attention to the subsequent answers are the people who are only looking for answers that coincide with their true beliefs. Usually, these people only surround themselves with those who agree with everything they have to say. Well, this is bad for business because decisions are better formulated and executed if there are several points of view that tackle and discuss different perspectives.

5)      Finding reasons to not move forward.

There are many reasons one can come up with as excuses to hinder advancement. No matter what the excuse is and not matter what the situation is, there will always be a reason to not move forward. The secret is in how one deals with the excuse by being flexible and adapting to the situation. One must always be courageous when taking on risk, or else he/she will never take risk and will never advance in the business world.